Legg Mason Martin Currie Property Securities Fund

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Fund Objective

The Fund aims to earn an after-fee return in excess of the S&P/ASX 300 A-REIT Accumulation Index over rolling three-year periods.

Key Features

  • A diversified exposure to property security sub sectors (such as diversified property, retail property, commercial property, and infrastructure).
  • The Fund has an Australian focus. We believe it is advantageous having local knowledge of the property market with investors deriving significant comfort from knowing the buildings and shopping centres in which they invest.
  • Rents from A-REITs typically rise with inflation, providing a level of protection to local spending power that is not available from nominal bonds.

Risk Factors: Legg Mason Australia does not guarantee any profit or recovery of capital from an investment in the Fund. The NAV of the Fund will fluctuate in response to the changing values of the Fund's assets. It is important that you understand and accept the risks before you invest. A financial adviser can explain to you the risks and provide investment advice to suit your investment objectives. There is the risk that an investor's investment objective may not be met by their choice of investment.