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QS Investors, founded in 1999, predominantly utilises a top-down macro focused and systematic, rules-based approach to managing portfolios for institutional and retail investors. Behavioural insights drive dynamic weighting techniques. In select strategies, the firm combines bottom-up fundamental analysis with insights from behavioural finance. QS’s main business areas comprise active equity, smart beta, liquid alternatives and customised solutions across global markets.



QS Investors offer a variety of investment solutions derived from its expertise in systematic investing across multiple asset classes, including "alternatives". The firm’s investment approach incorporates macro-focused insights, dynamically adaptive strategies and a rigorous approach to risk budgeting, portfolio construction and implementation. The firm believes:

  • There are macro and behavioural inefficiencies across global markets.
  • Investor over- and under-reaction to economic data create repeatable opportunities.
  • Alpha source diversification leads to more consistent results.
  • Portfolio diversification helps avoid concentration risk and lessens downside risk.
  • Risk identification, assessment and management are an intrinsic part of the investment process.
  • Equity market returns are driven by investor behaviour; stock characteristic that investors find attractive change based on market conditions.
  • Specific client objectives are more complex than simply a return objective relative to a risk tolerance.
  • Clients value a firm’s ability to cater to a wide range of preferences.

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