Martin Currie Australia

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Martin Currie Australia is an asset management business that relies on fundamental research to provide superior investment outcomes for Australian institutional investors and platform providers. A disciplined investment philosophy is applied to an extensive product range, including Australian core equities, Australian value equities, Australian small companies, Australian property securities, tactical asset allocation and multi-sector strategies. Martin Currie Australia comprises an experienced and stable investment team whose remuneration is aligned to investment performance outcomes. The investment team comprises a strong mix of fundamental research, quantitative analysis and market expertise.



Proprietary fundamental research focussed on identifying intrinsic value is cornerstone of our investment philosophy and our key competitive advantage. We believe a company is worth the present value of future cash flows accruing to shareholders.

While markets tend to focus on near term earnings and extrapolate into the future, we believe most of a company's value derives from long-term cash flows, or "normalised profitability". We focus on economic profit, return on invested capital and cashflows rather than simply relying on reported earnings. Analysts conduct bottom up company and industry research and model key value drivers. We attempt to exploit controversies where we have confidence in our research and where the market is focused on "noise".

The focus on intrinsic value delivers portfolios with a demonstrable proprietary alpha signal. Disciplined portfolio construction processes and active risk controls capture proprietary insights. The outcome is a structured and repeatable investment process that features disciplined decision making and active risk controls.